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Aluminium Gravity Die Casting

GDC PLANT has experience of 40 years and this is the third generation people working on Aluminium foundry. Runner and raisers systems of the die is designed based on important criteria of the components taking the velocity of the metal, density of metal & casting height.

The die machining is done at Makino make CNC machines using solidworks, Unigraphics model.

GDC PLANT has developed more than 200 dies in last 5 years successfully. So they have high level of expertise in Gravity die designs.

All the temperature controllers used for foundry process and heat treatment labelled with next calibration date, are suitably calibrated from National laboratory of C.S.I.R and recorded.

The inspection equipments and Hardness tester are clearly labelled with next calibration date.

Raw material is purchased from ISO 9000 company and all supplies are accompanied with spectra analysis chemical test reports. Traceability is very much on record for all batches with unique batch number punched in each ingot. Separate colour coding system is followed for various alloys and the same is stored in separate raw material stores, with suitable colour coding slots.

The die design is managed by one of the director with 12 years of proven experience is personally designed and developed around 200 dies in last 5 years for various customers ranging from 500 grams to 40 Kgs with complex shape and size, caters to
Electrical & insulator industries.

The majority of components developed in GDC PLANT are tested for hydraulic and helium gas test and few components has to pass min. burst pressure of 60 Bar.

Company acquired ISO 9001:2000 awarded by RINA, Italy and valid till October 2008. Certification no.7494/02/S

Raw material purchase plan is reviewed every 15 days based on customers rolling schedule and they have very controlled inventory plan. At present they pour 40 MT per month, and today stock level is 7 MT

They subcontract the machining operation with the inspection control in line with ISO guidelines supported by TUV Germany and is to ISO9001: 2000 (Certificate No 70059284, Jan. 04.)

All the projects are dealt directly by the director of the company and reviewed periodically with purchase orders.

All the preliminary tool works are done in house by 5 to 12 years experience personnel with Diploma mechanical engineers.

Company has Skill matrix chart and accordingly the job is assigned suitably.
Company has identified some areas for training and they are yet to implement soon.

Company has power back up in both units 125 and 72.5 KVA and run 2 shifts in foundry.