LEECOS is an Indian company and proud to launch a new product- solar power system- a Renewable Energy source which makes the World green. Photovoltaic Solar Power System made of up Photovoltaic Panels, inverter, Batteries and controllers. The panels are mounted on the roof tops with the help of Rails which are fixed on the roof.

This power system will bring you the free electricity and brings savings up to 70% in your Electricity bill. To Buy this POWER SYSTEM, Government of India is offering a subsidy up to 50%.
This power system can be operated in various load condition for Business premises, Public buildings, Residential segments. We offer complete solution for the Renewable energy projects in order to reduce the Carbon Emissions in the Global warming. This system is connected into main Electrical distribution board and the power generated from the solar panels are utilized to run various electrical equipments at free of cost. The number of equipments and load conditions runned by the solar power systems depends on the range of power system you select which varies from 100W to 20KW.

When the solar system is generating the electricity more than you are using, then the excess electricity will be stored in the power system. This is used whenever there is an excess demand. If the solar power is not generating the sufficient electricity then the entire loads will automatically switch to the electricity which is provided by the National grid. A meter in the power system will provide how much electricity is produced by the solar power systems.

We give Service Warranty of 5 Years to all the parts and 25 years performance warranty for Solar Panels.